[Poetry] Words

There are people that can make anything they say sound beautiful without even trying. In a conversation with a friend, I admitted I was frustrated about how my poetry usually sounded so forced and clunky. As we went on, I managed to say something that inspired this visual poetry.

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[Poetry] To You

Oftentimes, my writing is triggered by sadness, pain, or anger. This is not one of those times.

This poem was written after a happy moment with someone dear to me. However, at the time, I felt it was not at par with the rest of my works, so I decided to file it in a folder for deleting and promptly forgot about it.

I opened the file again after months to show the person it was written for. Surprisingly, the person did like the poem and I felt that the affirmation was the sign to share it here in this visual form. (Fair warning: there is mention of a certain explicit topic.)

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Two-Sentence Story Challenge

There was a post meme going around Facebook a couple of months ago that a number of my friends were reposting. The instructions were to write a two-sentence story containing a given word and suitable for the given genre, and if anyone liked your post, you were to give them a word and a genre in return.

Naturally, I decided to go on a liking spree to gather a sizable amount of prompts from various people. I’ve decided to take liberties with what constitutes as a single sentence (including, but not limited to generous use of the semicolon) for creative purposes.

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Writing Visually for Film 12 Final Requirements

My good friend Steven asked me if I could help him with his creative output in Film 12, which is a class on Philippine cinema. The requirements were that:

1 – It had to reflect on a key issue in Philippine cinema in its different aspects.

2 – It had to be a stand-alone work that could be presented and understood without explanation.

3 – It had to be at least 3 minutes long.

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You reap what you churn: A Reaction to Rappler’s Bout of Plagiarism

Can you say “ACCURATE”?

Manix Abrera’s comic strip has summarized the obstacles of online journalism quite nicely (with a bit of his trademark humor, of course). In the virtual world, it’s always a race to get people’s attention, to break the news before everyone else. It’s not uncommon to see half-baked articles from proper news outlets with typos, factual errors, and/or general carelessness. The term “churnalism” was coined out of the fact that there is so much pressure to putting out content that will get the views and shares soaring, which leads to mediocre and sometimes inaccurate works. However, the line is drawn at plagiarism; you can never justify it with any reason.

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What A Teacher Taught Me Outside The Classroom: An Hour’s Worth of Nostalgia

(EDIT 7/18/13: This article was originally taken down at the request of the source, but after further consideration, he has consented to having the article back up. Factual errors in the copy have been edited as part of the agreement. I apologize for such carelessness.)

I don’t know about you, but I honestly enjoy listening to older people tell their stories. No TV show or book can compare to any anecdote a parent or a teacher might share. The world is pretty big and one way to explore it is through other people’s lives. Somehow, that’s how I ended up talking to Mr. Chris Peabody, my best friend’s dad.

Sir Peabody teaches College Chemistry for Ateneo and, as my best friend often reminds me, he’s got plenty of stories to tell.

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9 Books for Young Adults That Aren’t About Supernatural Romance

The notorious romance novel series of a girl, a werewolf, and a fairy vampire in a foggy town in America has people convinced that young adult literature is a steaming pile of crap that needs to be set on fire. Seriously, the whole series revolves around the NEED to get a boyfriend. Who couldn’t call that garbage??

You tell it like it is, Stephen.

You tell it like it is, Stephen.

Not to mention it started a trend in supernatural romance novels with some almost a carbon copy of That-Series-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. Instead, we should focus on the books that focus on more important things!

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